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Summit Material Handling opened for business on January 1, 2004, and answered the need for a flexible, Dallas-based, project-oriented material handling company. Building on our employees’ decades of experience in every aspect of the materials handling industry, Summit Material Handling today is a multi-million dollar company, serving Fortune 100 customers and others committed to excellence nationwide. Serving the nation from its corporate office in Dallas, Texas.

Equipped to make a difference

Summit has relationships with vendors across the country to ensure the best products and closest shipping points to any customer on an ongoing basis.

Summit—Your Total Solutions Supplier

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Summit supplies high-quality dock equipment and ramps at competitive prices.

All sizes of wire mesh decking available - new or used.

Protect your building columns and pallet rack columns from impact damage.

Pallet Jacks in Stock! 27 x 48 5,500 lb Capacity
All other sizes available